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Chef Fabio Viviani shares Thanksgiving tips, calls random people in Italy, and makes omelets better than Alec Baldwin… read more at: http://wgn.fm/2013/11/21/chef-fabio-viviani-shares-thanksgiving-tips-calls-random-people-in-italy-and-makes-omelets-better-than-alec-baldwin/


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Pizza is the perfect “man food” that works for a date-night in. It’s quick, easy and delicious.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. In a standing mixer with a hook attachment, mix yeast, water, and sugar. Then add the flour amounts, mixing well between each addition. Read more at: http://www.bethenny.com/2013/10/15/try-this-delicious-dinner-for-a-date-night-in/

3 Healthier Risotto Dishes in Women’s Health

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Nothing quite says romantic fall dinner like risotto, and chef Fabio Viviani, author of Fabio’s Italian Kitchen and a former contestant on Bravo’s Top Chef, knows how to make a mean one.

Great news: Now you can make three different kinds of risotto, all developed by the famous chef! The best part? While the three recipes obviously star rice, they also showcase some majorly delicious (and health-boosting!) ingredients, such as veggies and nuts.

So get your stovetops ready, ladies… Read more at: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/nutrition/fabio-viviani?fullpage=1


Fabio on Toro Magazine

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City Life Magazine

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Legacy means everything to Fabio Viviani. It’s about hitting the ground running in Converse by John Varvatos shoes — even if that means flying 340 days of the year to make it happen. “Lindsay Lohan is very famous but does she have a good legacy? I don’t care to be famous; I want people to remember me for the good things and what I do for others,” he explains. In a ragù-to-riches tale, he proves an indelible protagonist.

Stepping into A1 Autostrada restaurant, a fiery glow emanating from the entrance illuminates his figure in pyrotechnic energy. The vermilion haze produces a transcendent effect, one that throws a typifying light on the life of the stir-crazy chef. Viviani, who jumped headfirst into the firepit of California’s dining scene seven years ago, who at 11 was cooking pies in a sweltering bakery basement with two dozen double-decker ovens blasting, is no stranger to a bit of heat. Read more at: http://www.citylifemagazine.ca/featured/for-the-love-fabio/13919

“A Drink With: Fabio Viviani”

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Fabio on GMA

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Fabio on WCL

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Watch What Happens Live

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