Fabio Viviani

Chief Executive Officer/Founder of FVH

John Paolone

Partner/Chief Culinary Officer

Mike Langner

Partner/Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Blayne

Partner/Chief Development Officer

Ken McGarrie

Chief Operating Officer

Shane Farzad

Head of Operations

John V Finamore

Partner - Chief Development Officer Gaming Division

Henry Kaminski Jr.

Chief Marketing Officer

Shawn Flynn

Head of Social Media

Marco Ciofalo

Head of Graphic Design

Christian Finamore

Corporate Manager

Michelle Winkley

Head of Human Resources

Dirk Flanigan

Head of Culinary

Massimo Gaffo

Director of Culinary

Fabrizio Di Rienzo

Corporate Beverage Director

Marko Milunovic

Corporate Mixologist

Magi Vevere

Head of Marketing

Emily Patrick

Head of Corporate Events

Ken Biffar

Director of Culinary & Lead Trainer